The Green Open Day 2019 – Participating Guests

Recording Nunhead

George Richardson and Sarah Holliday

… are co-hosts of the podcast, Utopia Dispatch, as well as being local Peckham and Nunhead residents. The show looks at how we can reimagine the future and reshape the world to create a society where humans and nature thrive in harmony. They are interested in how communities can be strengthened and empowered to create a future that we all want. For Open Day they join Exit Map on the quest to interview residents of Nunhead which will be made available online and throughout the day for people to listen to.

Contemporary Soul Groove

Tania Soubry

… is a dancer, performer, choreographer and teacher. She draws on her training in contemporary dance, including Bartenieff Fundamentals and Release technique, as well as African dance, street dance and somatics. She sources from martial arts and shiatsu and her teachings distils a processes of investigation and transmission, focusing on breath, weight, gravity, space and relationship. The class energizes through release, pulses, circles and spirals, groove, rhythm and dynamics., creating movement patterns that weave into dance phrases.


Samantha Pashley

Looking for an exciting way to kick-start your fitness regime or want to up your exercise game? Join Sam for a mix of HIT and conditioning moves guaranteed to shape and tone your whole body. Set to a club-worthy beat, expect to sweat in this fun 30-minute class filled with circuit-based cardio and endurance training that will leave you feeling stronger, fitter and more confident. All abilities welcome!

Installing Interactions, Mapping Nunhead and Indy Doc Musical ‘I am not a village’

Lucy F Thane

Lucy Thane is a Dancer with a Camera. Coming from the Film industry and as a documentary filmmaker in London, NYC and San Francisco, she facilitated production based training at Artists

Television Access in the Mission district of San Francisco and Sidecar in Hackney, London.

For the past 15 years she has practiced & trained extensively in live performance, improvisation and dance, and exhibited and performed

nationally and internationally in both her own and other Artists’ work. She has a Masters in Performance and creative research from Roehampton university. Her current work, as director and performer, is a feature length Independent documentary Musical “I am not a Village (


Since over a year the Green has helped independent dance artist to deepen their practice through support in kind. By helping out with studio space that is otherwise left over, Exit Map, an organization brought to life by Laura Doehler, facilitates Shared Practice; a format for dancers and dance makers to use this space for training and creative practice. This evening features some of their work which could not have been realised without the support of The Green and likewise, the Open Day is our return of favour to support the centre in its mission to be at the centre of its community. Open Day has been our initiative and our way to say Thank You Very Much – and the mutual gesture to give in order to support is what we believe in as the way forward, as a way of being together.

Agnes Bakucz Canario

… is a movement artist based in Peckham. Their work is collaborative and merges movement across disciplines, in search for tenderness and meaning in everyday matters like relationships to money, digitality, institutions, borders, and water. ‘Classical Waters’ references mythology (the figure of the mermaid, the Kelpie, and the whale) with decorative infrastructures around water (fountains, baths and swimming pools). Alongside Thelma Sharma, the performer, Agnes has explored these ‘objects’ as sites/structures of human desire, longing, and nostalgia for the unknown, the subconscious and a public vs. intimate relationship to sensuality/sexuality.

Laura Doehler

… dance artist, teacher, performer, maker – works mainly in London, based in Ladywell, the other side of the cemetery, as well as internationally. There are many kinds of work dance artists do but the ones I describe as current and significant to my vision, are my work as movement teacher in HE at NCCA and as Contact Improvisation teacher, my own movement research I undertake by myself via The Shared Practice at The Green and in conjunction with other dance or performance artists such as h2dance, Tara D’Arquian, Maria Zemlinsky and Cleo Lagrait. This work I am presenting has been a journey and it’s become a puzzle; Nothing I do is a solo about how we engage, configuring a way of being by attempting a closure on generating, a closure on should, could and would. It touches on ‘not enough’ and ‘trying too hard’ and ‘fitting in’.

Siobhan  Davies Adult Contemporary Dance Students

This group is made up of people who wanted to dance and dared. Every Wed at Siobhan Davies Studios a creative contemporary dance class happens with an half hour extension that are practical choreographic inquiries. This is the first public sharing of some things we touched on. It is a sharing, nothing that ever was rehearsed but experienced and enjoyed. We would like to share the simplicity and power of wanting to dance and hope it reaches out to all those who would love to dance. The idea is not that we all can dance but that we all do dance; either in a mundane and functional way or with a creative spirit attached that claims freedom and transformation.

Tania Soubry  Brave (K)new Rave,

Until October I am undertaking a research project, which at the moment is mainly in the lecture and writing phase. The research examines the rave movement in relation to the rise of neoliberalism. A core question and desire of the project is to reflect and envision a new social and environmental myth for humanity, storytelling through voices and music, affecting our being towards an altered perception of ourselves. As I already had a showing within this research, in the atelier of a former steel-factory, I share with you part of that work in an updated form.